Monday, November 1, 2010

Reading 6: Stage 4 - Exploration/Refinement 97-116 (19 p)

Okay I know I'm way way behind on the reading assignment. Been busy with other assignments from other classes. So hopefully after this, I can continue with the reading section. -_- Gotta do this since it's worth a lot of points.

This chapter explains how to explore and refine concepts through different methods.The most basic way is to brainstorm some ideas of the concept, then do some sketches for visualization. By sketching out the ideas, designers will have a clearer understanding and help to explain the concept to other people such as clients. Sketching then becomes a dialogue to self or visual language. As proof, when we were children, drawings were used in education, to communicate with others, and to relate them with real version (book ex. elephant and scribble of elephant). As we grow older, the drawings/sketching developed further become more similar to reality and subjective to criticism. This is not best for designers as drawings are used as a communication of visual, emotion, and sense of "real." Even if the drawings are not "real" they still have a place in the design world as a visual presentation and play with people's imagination.
The book mentions the DO'S of sketches, here's some: sketch quickly and repeatedly, constantly, large and small, and use different medias. The DON'TS of sketches are to edit yourself (don't critique) and keep to self. There are other ways besides sketching to form a visual representation of an idea: 3d form and computer design. When done with sketching, it doesn't hurt to ask for other people's opinions to make new ideas just don't take too seriously. To need more inspirations for ideas, take a moment to reflect on your thoughts and take a break.
This was a really interesting chapter for me. I usually have all these different ideas in my head but I hardly sketch them. I definitely should sketch more often and follow the DO's. Another thing that was interesting to me was about us doing drawings when we were young and how vital it became for us in the future. Never really though about it in that way of communicating to others and to relating it to reality. Also helps to not take other people's opinion seriously. Maybe that's why I don't usually draw; worried of other's opinion *shrug*.  This chapter definitely helps for the current homework of making 10 original games through sketches. Also gotta work on that right now. Next class will be interesting, wonder what interesting games will come up!

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